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Jennie Joan Ferrare

Arcana Owner and General Manager |Arcana School of Yoga Director and Lead Trainer | Registered, Experienced 500 Hour Yoga Instructor | YACEP | Reiki II | BA Psychology & Holistic Health | Yin Yoga | Yoga Nidra | Y12SR | TSY | EBT Certified |Certified Postnatal Yoga Instructor |Certified Barre Instructor

Jennie Joan, or “radical yogi”, is wildly loving and amusingly quirky. She’s a Mainer to the core, a feminist, mother, Gemini, former long distance runner, health food junkie, sailor mouth and woman in long term recovery from addiction. She’s got a fierce dedication to the principles and practice of yoga because yoga saved and transformed her life as she knew it. Jennie’s yoga practice began over 17 years ago and today she still utilizes yoga as means to ground in the present, radically love herself and others, and soothe her fiery soul. In her spare time, Jennie is studying to become a certified drug & alcohol counselor, and when she gets the chance you can catch her hiking, dancing, cooking, singing and working with others in the recovery community. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Southern Maine and teaches for the Recreation Health and Fitness Department.Throughout her journey, she’s been especially inspired by the Sivananda and Kripalu lineages. You can find Jennie in both private sessions and group yoga classes pulling from Yoga and Ayurveda. Her heart’s work is training other yoga instructors. She’ll draw from posture, dance-like movement, pranayama, meditation, rest, nidra, soul-gazing, journaling, Reiki, good music, humor and raw honesty to create safe space for evolution. She aims to empower her students and clients to participate in their own growth process by teaching practical tools and by encouraging others to remember and reclaim their powerful, divine nature.

Jennie teaches regular yoga classes in our yoga studio, leads our yoga teacher trainings, and is available for private sessions and teacher mentor-ship upon request.

Amanda Clark

Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher | Arcana Yoga Teacher Trainer | Reiki II

Amanda Clark, also known as Amandaconda, is fiercely dedicated to bringing art and movement into the everyday. With an extensive background in gymnastics and ballet, this performance artist sees yoga as a way to increase self awareness, not only on the mat but throughout all of her interactions.

Amanda discovered yoga 15 years ago, and practiced sporadically until she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training under Jennie Ferrare at Magnolia Fitness, where she dove into self exploration through daily practice. She came to understand that there is always something to learn from teachers and students alike, and above all, appreciates the sense of accountability that comes from showing up for folks and sharing a practice. Amanda infuses a dancerly element into sequencing, finding that there’s always more to nurture and explore in movement. She believes that touches of vulnerability are worthwhile for the sake of acknowledging limits, eventually discovering room for further openness. Amanda seeks to nurture the mind with food for thought throughout the practice, and hopes that you leave the mat feeling grounded, awake and balanced.

Crystal Love

Registered 200 Hour Arcana Yoga Teacher | 500 Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher in Training | Reiki I  | Certified Barre Instructor| Arcana Yoga Teacher Trainer

My goal as a teacher is to guide individuals back to their bodies; inviting all ages and fitness levels into my classroom and consistently encouraging students to connect with themselves, at their own internal center. It is my belief that at our core, in the center of our bodies, we find the most strength, the truest sense of purpose, courage, and resilience. Hard work, effort, determination, mindful training, and patience is how we get there. Students leave my classroom feeling encouraged, positive, and connected to their own strength both physically and mentally. Encouraging students to explore, acknowledge, and honor themselves by focusing on mindful movement, I bring compassion, energy, experience, challenge, creativity and humor to my classroom.

Outside of my Barre and Yoga studios you can find me hanging out with my Toy Poodle ‘Zed’, dancing to live music, working on projects within communities that support teens in their environment — keeping teens healthy, safe, and drug free, playing a game of pickup basketball, watching football, making lasagna, exploring the outdoors, or finding a reason to celebrate and throw a party for someone.

Danielle Gismondi

Registered, Experienced Yoga Teacher | Arcana Yoga Teacher Trainer | Thai Yoga Massage Therapist<

Danielle has been integrating Thai Yoga Massage into her yoga teaching practice since her training with the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage since 2011. A yoga instructor since 2006, she was inspired to deepen her hands on work and has completed 3 levels of training, with widely renowned teacher Jennifer Yarro and continues to study and practice with her. Working closely with Jennifer for the last 8 years, Danielle has a deep respect and love for this healing modality. Her sessions are adapted to the needs of the client, and she incorporates her intuitive knowledge of what the body and soul need at any given time. She is also Level II Reiki attuned and incorporates this work into her sessions as guided. Her hopes are to serve her clients by helping them find balance, peace and deep release on the physical and energetic level and to have them tap into the unending flow of ‘metta” or loving kindness that is the base of the Thai Yoga Massage practice.

Kristine Keegan

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher | Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Teacher  | Reiki III Practitioner | Arcana Reiki Teacher

Kristine started practicing yoga looking to provide balance to an over active, busy life. Time on the mat allowed her to take her focus inward. Embracing as much of the teachings she could get her hands on, she knew she found her passion ~ a true seeker on a path. Eleven years later, she still is deeply driven by the many aspects of the practice and to embrace the next steps as they come.As a teacher, Kristine loves to share yoga and its teachings to all the other seekers out there. Some of many teachers that influence her are: Jacqui Bonwell, Shiva Rea, Roberto Lim, Heidi MacVane, Danielle Toolan, and Sagel Urlacher.

Kristine is a graduate of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School and is also Yin Yoga and Restorative certified. As a Reiki healer, she offers energy work that can be often found woven into her classes. Kristine’s classes are energetic, fun and informative. All levels are welcomed.

Avril Williams

Certified 200 Yoga Yoga Instructor | Owner of Avril Williams Handmade

Avril has been called a Jill-of-all-trades as she not only teaches yoga, but is also a studio artist, art educator, philanthropist, entrepreneur, designer, and avid international traveler. In fact it was on her first solo, travel journey abroad that she found yoga, completely changing her life path. Divinely ending up on a small island in Thailand, she fell in love with the practice and its spiritual benefits so much so that she immediately flew to Bali, and eventually Costa Rica, to continue its exploration.Avril later graduated with her 200-hour certification from Island Yoga in Aruba under the mentorship of Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimann. She has since started several businesses, one of which uses her passion for education to share the meditative and holistic benefits of combining art-making, community, travel and yoga. She brings a mindful element of creativity that fills her life work to her classes and incorporates it into the sequencing, music and theme.

Avril also holds a B.A. in Art Education and has completed trainings in teaching mindfulness to children and yoga support for addiction recovery. In her spare time she enjoys making pottery, hiking, going on serendipitous adventures with her partner, writing poetry, expanding her businesses and learning new skills.

Nick Vaccaro

Whitney Adams


"Love this store!! They carry such a unique variety of items .. I spent at least 45 minutes just walking around to look at everything!

The vibe in here is wonderful .. I could feel that the woman working there was there, not as an employee, but as a genuine ‘worker of the light’; I felt that in creating this wonderful little shop, and those working there have been working so hard, putting all their hearts and souls into this space, and it truly shows/ is felt! You can feel the ‘magic’ in the shop (I can still feel it coming off of the items I bought, which tells me that it’s certainly one of the true ones!) Such a cozy little place, but it’s filled with truly magical and powerful healing items, in such a wide variety - whatever you need, you can find it here!

I’ve only visited the shop once after hearing about it, but I’ll most definitely be back! So, here’s to Arcana - keep up the great work in being one of the brave ones working to make this world what it CAN, SHOULD, & WILL BE! YOUR LIGHT IS SO VERY NEEDED!

Sending much love and light your way!"

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