Web Accessibility

Website Accessibility has become increasingly important in the last year to date. On average, 1 out of 5 people have a disability that makes a lot of the web unaccessible to them. That’s roughly 20% of lost revenue for websites that don’t contour to accessibility.

Our websites focus on getting some of the best accessibility scores we can.

Not only is it in best practice to have good accessibility on your website, but it also helps with search engine optimization as well. Accessibility will give you better website structure, will speak better with Google, and give you roughly 20% more users.

If you want an accessibility setup on your current site, but do not want a new site created, we can also give you an estimate on a custom, website accessibility setup. Contact  Vector Skyline for a free estimate.

Accessibility On Our Websites

We Can Offer the Following on Your Website

  • Alt tags on all images.
  • Descriptive title tags on all links.
  • Font Re-Sizer.
  • High Contrast Toggle.
  • Gray Scale Toggle.
  • Search Bar Implementation.
  • Text recognition readable against backgrounds.
  • Landmark roles to HTML structural elements.

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