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Using Vector Skyline, your website, upon full purchase, will be 100% yours. If you decide to move on at any point to a new web developer, you’ll regain your website upon transfer. Upon contract needs, we’ll go above and beyond to set your digital footprint. We can help provide your business or personal website with a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Accessibility (on average 1 of 5 people have a disability, you’ll want this setup, unless you want to lose 20% of your audience), structure.

SEO Setup

At Vector Skyline, we can also help provide you with a solid SEO setup. Here, we will help give you a great Google headstart with your website, meaning, we can help people find you.

All of our websites are created with the WordPress CMS (content management service), one of the top CMS’s on the market at the moment. In using WordPress, it enables us to connect with more businesses in familiarity, and ability to find help online from other WordPress users, in use of it’s various features.

Our SEO Methods Will Include:

  • Ranking on Google search results.
  • Higher Volume of Visitors to your site.
  • More Interactivity of the world with your website.

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Web Accessibility

As mentioned above, we have the ability to adhere to as close to 100% of your audience as you can. We take pride in offering accessibility to your website. We’ll do our best to adhere to the web requirements of adapting our websites with a level of website accessibility for those with disabilities.

We will use our practices to sites that will help with screen readers, and help those who can’t quite see the imagery of our built websites.

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